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Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning is a rite of spring that either conjures up feelings of great satisfaction and accomplishment or a big groan followed by putting it off until fall. Either way, creating a checklist can help you zip through the process to a happy end whenever you decide to tackle it. Key, of course, is enlisting family members and not holding yourself to Martha Stewart's standards!

Happy Birthday!

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Princess Charlotte is 2! Happy Birthday!  

May Day! May Day!

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Hip hip hooray! It's the first of May! Though the day approaches with little fan fare in North America, in many parts of the world, it is a public holiday. Originally, May 1st heralded the beginning of a spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere replete with dancing around a May Pole, singing and feasting. Elsewhere, the first of May is recognized as International Workers Day - like Labour Day in Canada and the U.S. We at Bag O'Swag endorse the spring festival notion of May Day! Bare your toes, wear white, and buy yourself some flowers!
snail highlighter

Snail Highlighter

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