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Happy Birthday!

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Princess Charlotte is 2! Happy Birthday!  

May Day! May Day!

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Hip hip hooray! It's the first of May! Though the day approaches with little fan fare in North America, in many parts of the world, it is a public holiday. Originally, May 1st heralded the beginning of a spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere replete with dancing around a May Pole, singing and feasting. Elsewhere, the first of May is recognized as International Workers Day - like Labour Day in Canada and the U.S. We at Bag O'Swag endorse the spring festival notion of May Day! Bare your toes, wear white, and buy yourself some flowers!

Go outside and play!

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The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.

- Carl Jung, Psychoanalyst

How many times do you remember your mother saying this or you uttering the very same words with kids under foot? Well, there's a lot of sense and science backing you up. We need to let children follow their natural inclinations to explore, investigate and experiment. Through play, children acquire problem solving skills and hone their imaginations in a way that helps them better adapt to their ever changing environments.  They learn problem solving skills, relational
Rearview Spy Glasses

Rearview Spy Glasses

The lenses in these cool rearview spy glasses are treated… Read more »

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