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Go outside and play!

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The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.

- Carl Jung, Psychoanalyst

How many times do you remember your mother saying this or you uttering the very same words with kids under foot? Well, there's a lot of sense and science backing you up. We need to let children follow their natural inclinations to explore, investigate and experiment. Through play, children acquire problem solving skills and hone their imaginations in a way that helps them better adapt to their ever changing environments.  They learn problem solving skills, relational

Gettin’ Eggy with it….

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Easter is just around the corner and Easter Bunnies the world over are selecting chocolate eggs, chicks and bunnies for imminent distribution. But who says the hunt has to be for candy alone? What about some cleverly hidden that can be collected and placed in pretty little drawstring bags alongside the chocolate booty? For those of you wanting to counter April's sugar intake, look at the options Bag O'Swag has to offer. If you live in Vancouver, forego shipping fees, we can deliver!

It’s a wrap!

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Vancouver's abuzz with movie and television activity. And we know, every time a shoot ends, a wrap party takes place. So, to all you movie people out there, let us help you show your appreciation for cast and crew with bespoke swag bags for your party! Start the conversation here....FUN ALL GROWN UP!  
Jacob ladder Toy

Jacob Ladder Toy

This Jacob Ladder toy is an ancient toy featuring optical… Read more »

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