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Party like a 1 yr old!

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An enthusiastic client was keen to use Bag O’Swag for his daughter’s first birthday but he noticed the loot bags seemed geared to older children.  He contacted Bag O’Swag directly and we discussed his party in great detail. What we learned was that his 1 year old was having one heckuva bash! Party guests were mostly relatives including 22 cousins and siblings, ranging from 1 to 12 years of age, all celebrating a lucky little girl! Given this broad age range, our standard choices weren’t a perfect fit so instead we customized bags to suit the ages and interests of each and every one of these little guests based on the information our client provided.    They were a huge hit! Each child left the party thrilled with their specially

Roar Dinosaur!

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Bag O'Bones
A prehistoric party is a great idea for any active little boy. Thematically, it is fun to organize and throw. Cut out giant dinosaur foot prints and have them lead guests to the front door. Imagine the menu – eat like a caveman – drumsticks, little potatoes that look like boulders, great paleo diet vegetables etc. Serve on a large leaf! As far as games go, hide some dino eggs and ‘fossils’ in a sandbox or table. Guests will have great fun digging for treasure and then finding out what’s inside.  And of course, as guests leave, present them with a Bag O’Swag's Bag O’Saurus!

Bag O’Swag Launch

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Bag O’Swag is open for business! We are an online party loot bag business offering carefully curated bags filled with quality toys and novelties that appeal to both boys and girls...and save mum and dad loads of time! Choose from a broad selection of Bag O’Swag bags that cater to many different interests and passions as well as ages. Each Bag O’Swag collection is packaged in an unbleached cotton drawstring bag that kids will love to use over and over! Custom orders are also available. Just Contact Us and let us prepare the perfect loot bag for your party!  

2 Pack Ball Punch

Classic inflatable punch-ball balloons. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination. Each… Read more »

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