Does the price of the pre-filled bags include the Bag O’Swag fabric bag?

Yes. All our Bag O’Swag collections come in a cotton muslin, drawstring bag (8 ½” x 11”).

How long does order processing and shipping take?

Orders are normally processed within 24 hours of placement. Shipping will take 3-7 days in Canada and up to 7 days to the US. If there are inventory shortages, please allow for up to 10 days or product substitution. We would contact customer directly if this is the case.

How does the “Bag Your Swag” option work?

Simple. Select the items that you want in your loot bags from the Bag Your Swag section of our shop indicating the quantity (each bag can contain 3-5 items depending on size). You will receive a muslin drawstring bag for every $8 you spend. If you require more bags then there will be a charge of $2.50 for every additional bag. The individual items will be neatly packaged in a box for assembly at home so that you can create the bags how you wish. If you would like us to assemble them, please contact us with a note explaining your request (i.e. which items go together in each bag).

Can I add things from the Deluxe items to the pre-filled bags?

Yes, of course. We can easily add items to a bag order. Deluxe items can be bought in single quantities for use as party prizes, for example. Also, be aware, that some deluxe items will not fit in the actual bags.

I want to substitute an item in the pre-filled bag for one from the Deluxe, is this possible?

We are happy to add Deluxe items but not substitute as the Deluxe items are of higher value.

Can I pick up my order?

No. If you live in the Vancouver area we will deliver it to you for free. Contact us for delivery and pick up options.

Can I just buy Deluxe items from Bag O’Swag without buying the pre-made bags?

Yes. Our Deluxe items are enhancements to Bag O’Swag bag orders and can be purchased separately. However, they will not come in a Muslin drawstring bag unless they are purchased on top of your bag order. If you’d like to create your own bag comprised of Deluxe items only, please send us a note at Contact Us. Prices will depend on items chosen but will exceed $10 as it is a custom order.

I am looking for something in particular and it’s not on your website, can you get it for me?

We are always looking for ways to improve our product line. Please send us a note with your suggestion and stay posted! We aim to please! We also do custom orders so please contact us with your specific request and we will happily create a suitable bag for you.

What if some items are out of stock?

We do our best to keep everything in stock at all times and post low quantity items. If you are looking for large quantities of any order, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you. If something is on back order or we do not have sufficient quantity to fill your complete order, we will hold your order until everything is available and will ship it to you at one time. You will receive e-mail if an item you ordered is out of stock, and you can always check the status of your order on out web site. If this impacts your party, we’ll suggest viable alternatives.

Toy Safety & Age Appropriate Toys

We do our best to create attractive and suitable loot bags that have lasting play value (and some immediate fun as well) using some age guidelines for play. However, each child is unique and may be ready for different toys at different ages. It is up to the discretion of the parent to decide on safety and appropriateness of Bag O’Swag products. Any children under 3 must be supervised at all times with any toy items.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and payments via PayPal. If you wish to pay by VISA or MASTERCARD you need to click on the “Don’t have PayPal account” once you are on the PayPal site. This will direct you to the credit card payment.

How much does shipping cost?

The short answer is: $9.99 (up to 10lbs) flat rate for delivery within Greater Vancouver area and $19.99 (up to 10lbs) for the rest of BC and Canada. This may be more if you want to receive the items faster. USA shipping is $25 (up to 10lbs) but it may take longer through customs – up to 10 days. If your total order does not exceed $200, you will not be charged any duties (US orders only). Otherwise, it is your responsibility to pay any fees.

What about international shipping?

International customers are welcome but shipping charges will be applied. You are also responsible for any import or customs fees charged by your government in addition to the shipping fees shown below. We are unable to predict which shipments will be assessed these fees or the amount of the fee that might be charged.