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Fresh tracks…

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Fresh Tracks skiing

There is no better time than January to lay down some fresh tracks - set out in a new direction whether it be in the form of adventure travel, a new career, or self improvement, now is the perfect time to set a course for 2015 and beyond. We prefer not to use the word 'resolution' because, honestly, for most of us the path isn't 'resolute' but meandering and improvised. If you are trying something new this year, or just sticking with the tried and true, just remember to enjoy the journey!

Make Merry…

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- a very decent pledge for the entire year in fact! We wish you all the hope, wonder, and joy that the Season can bring! xo ~ the elves at Bag O'Swag

Secret Santa…that’s us!

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A few Secret Santa presents to buy? Bag O'Swag can help. Check out all our clever collections or  individual items in our Bag Your Swag or Stocking sections. Bag O'Swag is the perfect option when you aren't entirely sure what the recipient likes.
Bath Crayons

Bath Crayons

These safe and fun bath crayons make bath time so… Read more »

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