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Life is better…

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in flip flops! The days are getting longer, children are getting restless and the smell of cut grass is either triggering warm memories of summer or allergies!  If you have a child whose birthday falls in the next four months, consider taking celebrations outdoors. Beach parties, pool parties, scavenger hunts, flag football are all winning activities. The mess stays outside and the kids enjoy the freedom from four walls. As a parting gift, consider our Bag O'Silly (Silly String outside please!), Bag O'Sport , or Bag O'Adventure -

Mama Mia…

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Hey Mama…. To all the women out there who do the work of 20 for free, may you be celebrated by your families for all you do and all you love! And, remember, even when they are wrong, they are right ;) Happy Mother's Day from Bag O'Swag!

Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning is a rite of spring that either conjures up feelings of great satisfaction and accomplishment or a big groan followed by putting it off until fall. Either way, creating a checklist can help you zip through the process to a happy end whenever you decide to tackle it. Key, of course, is enlisting family members and not holding yourself to Martha Stewart's standards!
meteorite kit

Meteorite Kit

    Dig and excavate an actual tiny tektite meteorite… Read more »

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