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Happy Hallo’birthday!

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For all those October birthdays, the Halloween-inspired options are many – a zombie party, a boo party or a fang-tastic Vampire party, the list goes on.  Oh, and how great are the food options for these October birthdays? Cute and easy cupcakes like these mummy ones are always a hit! Or, for the more sophisticated kid, tired of sweets, how about marinated mozzarella eyeballs?

mozza eyeball


And given the amount of candy

Slave to the Rhythm…

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Say what you will about the carefee days of summer, there is still something pleasurable about the start of school and a more structured existence!  As the days fall into familiar patterns, birthday parties will begin to punctuate weekends. For some of you, the planning and prep is part of the fun. For others, you wish someone else would take that part on and the milestone celebration would just magically happen. If you are in the latter group, Bag O'Swag can help in a little but useful way.  No need to comb the city for cute goodies for loot bags - we've already done that. All you need to do is sit in the comfort of your home, perusing our on line store and selecting a themed

Mama Mia…

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Hey Mama…. To all the women out there who do the work of 20 for free, may you be celebrated by your families for all you do and all you love! And, remember, even when they are wrong, they are right ;) Happy Mother's Day from Bag O'Swag!
retro knitting doll

Knitting Doll

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