Our Story

SUZ_8793Inspired by memories of good times, good laughs, and good fun, we decided the ever-present loot bag could be so much more.  It could mark the end of a great event and the beginning of a fond memory.

We were also tired of the trinkets and trash that expire 2 hours after the last streamer is torn from its masking tape roots. We had ideas about how to fill our loot bags with items that have stood the test of time – items perhaps forgotten but worth introducing to another generation.

Also, as mothers of both girls and boys we were tired of the pink and blue, dolls vs. cars, princesses vs. super hero merchandise choices so we’ve worked hard to put together collections that will excite and entertain ALL kids.

In addition, all Bag O’ Swag selections come in cotton muslin, drawstring bags.

Above all, here at Bag O’ Swag, we want your party guests to leave as excited as when they arrived!

Loot Bags and Swag Bags Made Easy!